Our Warehouse Operations

Tamarind Consolidated is located at International Warehouse Services—a 250,000 square foot warehouse facility located at Foreign Trade Zone #25 in Port Everglades. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Advantages & Capabilities:

Receive any size, volume, and type of cargo—including hazardous or bonded cargo.

Access to cranes, forklifts, covered receiving docks, and over 24 receiving bays

A major daily delivery point for all national and regional land an rail carriers. The carriers deliver cargo to our warehouse as their early priority, reducing overall cargo transit time.

The warehouse staff has the skills, experience, and quality to safely handle cargo of all types, shapes, and sizes. The cargo is measured, counted, and inspected with accuracy. It is always stored with care.

Ocean shipping containers are efficiently and expertly loaded for the best space utilization and to prevent crushing or other possible damage during transit and unloading.