Weekly shipping
from Florida, USA to BVI:

LCLLess than Container Load shipment. Small packages, large boxes, pallets, bundles, crates, etc. or any cargo which does not exceed certain maximum volumes or dimensions.
LCL shipments are loaded inside our shipping containers with other LCL cargo.

FCLFull Container Load shipments. If the total cargo for a single consignee exceeds the maximum LCL volumes or dimensions, an entire shipping container is loaded with the cargo and the container is shipped to the consignee. This service is generally for commercial entities, project cargo, foodstuffs, household moves, and building materials.

NIC - Not In Container  Heavy construction equipment, large trucks, boats on trailers or cradles, office trailers, plant and machinery, tanks, etc. Any cargo in which the dimensions are too large to be economically shipped aboard a container ship and must be shipped aboard "Roll On - Roll Off" cargo ships or "Break Bulk” cargo ships. 


How to Ship

What you need to do: 
Ship your goods (cargo) to our warehouse using UPS, FedEx, or any national, regional, or local carrier, or instruct your retailer, vendor, supplier or on-line merchant to ship your purchases to our warehouse.

Address your goods (cargo) exactly as such:
Tamarind Consolidated/Tortola or VG/Your Name Here
C/O International Warehouse Services
3400 McIntosh Road (Port Everglades)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

** EXCEPTION:  The  United States Postal Service does not deliver to the Foreign Trade Zone where we are located.

Include the original purchase invoice for the items in a pouch or envelope attached to the outside of the packaging. (if this is not possible, please email or fax a copy in advance to our email address listed in the Contact Us page of this web site.) 

Leave the rest to us . . .
Tamarind will receive, inspect, and measure the cargo. We retrieve and hold the attached invoice, enter all the information into our cargo system, and label the cargo. The cargo is then stored in our warehouse until shipping day.

We process and submit all the required U.S.A. export filings and declarations to the respective agencies.

The cargo is loaded inside Tamarind’s ocean shipping containers. The containers are locked, sealed and loaded on to a container ship for the express 5 day transit to the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.).

Tamarind sends an email notification of shipment, with arrival time and other specific information to all parties.

We send you or your B.V.I. Customs Broker the original Bill of Lading, with the related invoices attached, in a format required by B.V.I. Customs. 

After the container's arrival in B.V.I., Tamarind unloads the cargo and stores it inside the B.V.I. Ports Authority warehouse.

You or your broker presents the required documentation, including the Tamarind Bill of Lading, to B.V.I. Customs. The cargo is subject to inspection at their discretion. B.V.I. duties and other charges are levied and paid, and a release is given. The release is presented to the B.V.I. Port Authority for cargo release and pickup at the B.V.I Port Authority warehouse.